Monday, December 8, 2014

Homemade Pain Relief

 Yesterday, I smashed my thumb in the car door...all on my own.

I wish I could say some careless companion slammed the door on me,
but it wouldn't be true.

I was rushing.... my daughter had a piano receital, and we were running late. I dropped her off at the door, parked, got out and slammed my thumb in  the door and I had locked it as well!  I had  to stay calm
and hunt for the keys to first unlock the door to get my hand out.

Next problem was the blood and the receital... I tried to stay calm ( I think I mentioned this very crucial point)  and not get blood on anything, luckly I was wearing dark clothes.

Long story short... I made it, but oh, how it hurt!!!
I would have to use some very bad words to really get my point across. I do believe you can tell from the photo... then add your own ideas as to the scene....

Once home my son helped  me wrap my wound up
and my daughter  made dinner for me (very sweet kids) but everyonce in a while it hurt so much I thought I was going to black out....then I had an idea....

  A while back my husband had a toothache and until he could get to the dentist I put clove oil on a cotton ball for him to put on his gums... it numbs..
So... I got some almond oil, added some clove oil and swabbed my thumb with it... glory be to God!! It worked!!

No pain , the carrier oil, ( almond oil) protected  my skin in case the clove was too harsh.
I would recommend keeping Clove oil on hand in your home first aid kit. You can use any other oil, (olive, grapeseed etc.) as a carrier oil.

Hopefully you'll never need to use it, but you'll be glad to have it if you do!

Friday, December 5, 2014

My New Flock of Chickens

 I ordered 15 baby chicks in October.

It used to be when my kids were little we would get many kinds of chicks when we ordered them or went to the feed store. So we had all different kinds of chickens, which was really pretty and an excellent way to learn the behavior of many different kinds of

The down side to this mixed flock way or doing things was that we never knew how old a bird was...
I mean we were always adding more and were never quite sure how old one each hen was, which is something you really need to know if they aren't exactly pets.... if you know what I'm getting at...

You see at some point we will eat the older hens, of course they will have had a nice long life, running free and just being chickens, but we don't have the room for girls who are too old to lay eggs..

So I got 15 Buff Orpingtons, and you always get one "surprise" chick. This time is was a Turken....
a bad thing to be in the winter, it seems to me.

This is my little flock now, at around 2 months, aren't they nice? They're just about old enough for me to let them run loose during the day with out fear of them being attacked by the older hens...

And around April I'll have more than enough eggs!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Busy Days

 Mattie's pretty far into her lactation cycle.
One of the nice things about that is milking once a day.

I still get plenty of milk ( around 2 to 2.5 gallons) each milking but I can choose when to milk according to my schedule.

While it's really nice to be able to milk at 9 or 10 in the morning and have a relaxing start to the day, sometimes a gal has to get moving early to fit everything in!

 And as it is, this is a really, really busy time for me..
In fact I've been pulling the early "farmer" hours.

Lucky thing Mattie likes the early pre dawn milk time....
She actually seems to prefer it... she gets her work done early and has the rest of the day to do as she pleases!

The only thing I've noticed is that she seems to like me to guide her with a flashlight...

Thought you would enjoy seeing her do her thing..

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