Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Dripping Springs Market Days, First Ever!

I honestly don't know where the times goes!

Seems like I'm always racing to get something done, is it that
way for you too?

I had a great show at the Boerne Market Days this month, I sold
quite a bit, so I'm busily working to make more product for 
my very own, ( with my partner, Kathy Hill)  Dripping Springs Market Days. Which is on April 02, this Saturday!

It's gonna be good!

I was asked to be in the Boerne Handmade Market in May,
and I have decided to give it a go... along with the shows I want to get a really good webpage set up...

 I'm thinking of just working with thisNovellas page since it's what I have and all....also, there are so many Amy's Art.... on the web but very few Novellas Farm Art...( well actually none)... and I honestly see myself getting back into a bit of the agriculture at some point...

So, be looking for a few changes.... and please plan on coming out to the the Dripping Springs Ranch Park this
Saturday for our Market. It's from 10 to 6, I think it'll be fun for all... it's indoors so no matter the weather we'll be happy and dry..

Hope to see you there!
and in the practice of being grateful... which I honestly am all the time I want to publicly give gratitude for my energy and health... how wonderful it is to be in a healthy body!

Thursday, March 10, 2016


 Last month I took a screen printing class.

There's this really neat place in south Austin called the Stitch Lab.
They offer short, fun classes all dealing with creative fabric art techniques.

I signed up for a month long Sundays screen printing class.
Before I get any further I have to give a big 2 thumbs up for my teacher, Kat.  She was  great. Very patient, fun, funny, very knowledgeable and made the classes worthwhile.Ok, so why go to all the  trouble of driving into Austin every Sunday morning for a month....you might ask? Well, I've been hand painting on dish towels, but when hand painting each item is different...  and thats good for some markets, but it prevents me from offering them to say a store..So even though I still plan on hand painting.. I also want to design my own kitchen art towels that can be consistently produced..Behold what I made! 
I learned how to make my own screens, and then made several more! and I learned 3 different techniques for printing.. 

After taking the class I feel I can do these at home! Really I do.

If you have the desire and the time I would recommend the Stitch Lab, and they had some classes I plan on taking with my daughter..

This weekend I will be selling at the Boerne market days, and it's been raining like crazy all week. Should be muddy and a drag and there's always the possibility of being electrocuted from someones' extension cord in the wet grass... but as they say it's a" rain or shine" event... and I already paid..

It makes me all the more grateful about the Dripping Springs Market Days my friend and I are putting together. All indoors!
Live music.. 50 artists!!

We hope it'll be so successful we can have them on a regular basis, we both want indoor venues and they just don't exist! So
we had to start our own!

The Dripping Springs Market Days first event is April 02,
at the Dripping Springs Ranch Park from 10-6.
Please come if you are able! It's going to be really fun!
We have a FB page with photos of some of the participants..

Hope to see you there..
I'm grateful for the opportunity to start this new venture..

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Wonderful Doctor

Yesterday, after voting... yes, I did vote, and as usual instead of actually voting for a candidate I voted for the least disturbing candidate...