Monday, January 26, 2015

New Art

 I've been busy drawing and painting...

In a few weeks I will be displaying some of my art work..

But.... I wanted to show some of it here first...

Here are 3 separate paintings of roosters on 4 ft. boards.
the knots in the wood determine what the bird will look like...
 this is a simple line drawing of a cow.. my very favorite subject... for now. Isn't she sweet?
and here is a painting of a Watusi... not a good photo but I like the painting... it's better in real life..

Art will be on display sometime in March or late February...

Thanks for looking.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Life Goes On

 Last week my Mom turned 85.

A few weeks beforehand I realized her actual birthday fell on a Friday and I got the idea to put together a party for her. My siblings voted for a surprise party.

So last Friday my niece and sister in law ( well they're divorced but we still think of her as our sister in law took my Mom out for a wonderful day of shopping, lunch, manicures, pedicures and hair styling..

They were supposed to be home by 5 pm. which would give the rest of us time to drive in, set up the house and put out food and decorations.

I got there first with my kids, and we got to work then my siblings their kids started to arrive.
Everyone worked to get things ready.

We kept our eyes on the clock and practiced different "Surprise!!!" scenarios trying to decide which would be less likely to cause Mom to have a heart attack.

 Finally we decided a simple waiting in the kitchen to find us would be safest.

  While we waited we decided to relax...
and have a little pre-party, party..

 we looked out the window ...

and waited..

Eventually they got there!!

Happy Birthday Mom!!

I think she was happy, and surprised.

I stayed over with Juliette for 3 nights, which is the big reason for selling my cows, so I could spend time with my Mom,  it made sense..

 Then last night Juliette, Tommy and I went to the Opera.

Austin Lyric Opera has this wonderful program that allows students and teachers to attend dress rehearsals for free...

It's so great, the performances are always top rate, and we wouldn't have this opportunity without this

Last year Juliette and I went to 3, performances, and Tommy went to one, he saw Don Carlos and liked it
but wasn't able to make any others.

So when I invited  him  to see Romeo and Juliet, he was actually quite willing to go, he even left basketball practice early to shower and get ready...

You know what? I think that's probably the exact reason they have this program in place...  expose the child to the arts and you just never know what will happen...

Discussion about the story, the training of the performers, the orchestra, the costumes, the set, the language so much comes from it.
Tommy even told me about Tupac ( a rapper) who said Romeo and Juliet is an ageless tale, and can be applied now a days to gang members, .. you know... the gangs are like the two families keeping hatred alive against the wishes of some of the members... members of one gang aren't allowed to be friends or lovers with members of rival gangs.. something to think about.
It was good..

Like the blog title says, life goes on, things are different but things are good....

Monday, January 12, 2015

Goodbye Girls

Last week was bitter sweet.

I sold my cows. It's sad because I miss them, it seems empty here, and I keep feeling like there's something I need to do, but I know it's just missing them.

But it's also good, because they went to a family with over a hundred acres outside of Fredricksburg and I know they will have access to lots of pasture,  I know they are happy... and they went together, that was non negotiable.

There have been many, many times when I felt it was unfair to them to not have pasture, I mean that's what cows are made to do, graze.... and I just don't have the room here for them..

I do believe they were happy here, but still... they are cows and they will be happy there too, they will adapt.

For myself, I needed freedom..

My mother is going to be 85 years old this January and I want to have the freedom to see her as much as I can... and the only way to get freedom was to rehome the girls.

I believe in the old days it was easier, because chances were your neighbors were in the same situation,
and were willing to help each other out, they knew how to care for each others animals...
Today it just isn't like that, it's nearly impossible to get away ...

So for now it will be empty, and I will remember the animals are better off..

I will always remember how special it was to have them, although it was hard work  I learned so much from them.. I can't even write this without tearing up...they helped me grow and appreciate things I really never thought about before...I honestly never really had thought about how much we humans rely on animals for our very lives..  they give so generously, they ask for so little in return.. and they are so gentle..

Maybe my path will come back to having cows again or some other dairy animal but for now I will take some time and just see where I go.

 I will enjoy my freedom spend time with my loved ones,  and see what awaits around the bend.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Update on the Law Suit

So I saw my Mom and sister for New Years Eve and they asked about our ongoing law suit...
and after explained the situation to them I decided to update you readers as well....

Here is the history in a nutshell.
Last February we were served with papers notifying us that our POA was suing us.
We responded that we wanted to work out a compromise.
We then were given a pathetic list of our POA's dream demands, including among other thing, we pay 4000.00 in attorney fees, a new survey (500.00), and pay 500.00 per month if we ever fell out of compliance with any rule again.
At this time a wonderful thing happened, Bill Davis, Lawyer fell from heaven and after reviewing our case
not only agreed to take the case but asked to take it....

Fast forward to now,
Our neighborhood did have a legal POA that was active in the 80s and up til 1994 when it was dissolved by the Secretary of State.
Under the law at that time the POA had 3 years in which to reinstate and they did not. Although they still carried on business during this time...( which was illegal)
Then is 2001 these jokers, in fact our neighbor, our president himself went and reincorporated another POA!! With a very similar name, in fact he only added an apostrophe to the last word, this enabled him to
use the same acronym as usual and none of the home owners were the wiser.
All on their own, with no homeowner votes or knowledge.
Their lawyer, John Lione of Austin is arguing that they simply reinstated the original POA...
Well, they didn't and they know it good and well and I believe Mr. Lione is milking the POA fund til it's dry...
his argument is flawed.... and hopefully he knows it or he really is a dud of an attorney...

So that is where we are.. we now have to pay to have our neighbor and president deposed, out of our own
pocket to try to get to the bottom of this can of worms.... 

You may wonder why we are doing all this, well it's because they are wrong, they are bullies and to be honest... criminals.... and they are going to be exposed....

We were given this job.. and were going to see it through.
I'll keep you posted