Sunday, December 27, 2015

Being Grateful...

Dear Reader, 
Whoever you may be.... I hope you had a wonderful Christmas... or holiday of some kind.
My family and I did, but now it's time to embrace that wonderful time of year when we start thinking of
all the ways to better ourselves... New Years!

I have decided to focus on being grateful this new years.. I have so much, and I frequently lose sight of how blessed I am.
So this year I hope you will indulge me as I use this blog as sort of a gratitude dairy. I plan on posting daily a short note of what I am grateful for, and if not daily as often as possible.. but internet connection is not
always available.... please join me! It's free, not fattening, and totally beneficial!
I'm excited!

The Benefits of Gratitude

Gratitude is an emotion expressing appreciation for what one has—as opposed to, for example, a consumer-driven emphasis on what one wants. Gratitude is getting a great deal of attention as a facet of positive psychology: Studies show that we can deliberately cultivate gratitude, and can increase our well-being and happiness by doing so. In addition, gratefulness—and especially expression of it to others—is associated with increased energy, optimism, and empathy.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Fredericksburg Trade Days this Weekend!

Lone Star Market
I've been trying to set up at more Markets for the
Holiday season... the heart is willing as they say, but
unfortunately the weather often is not!

I was signed up for a show right after Thanksgiving and it just poured! I didn't even set up it was just too
nasty! I figured it couldn't be worth it to go through the effort and possibly have work ruined,

Treaty Oaks Distillery
The deal with these markets is that the vendors get charged, and if it rains or for some reason the show is a flop the vendors still get charged.

 I can understand that the organizers need to be paid if they have put money out to say, rent a venue or for any promotional cost. Unfortunately that isn't normally the case, most of these markets set up in parking lots or are put on by the municipality which is the same entity that owns the location, so there is not a cost involved...

It hasn't taken me long to realize the organizers are making money on the vendors, and with out the vendors there isn't much of a market..

So I decided to rent a good indoor venue and put on my own market!

This solves two issues.
1. I will have markets to sell at that are indoor and not subject to being cancelled and
2. I can make a little extra money organizing the events which I think I will be good at doing.
I convinced a woman I met doing shows to go in with me since two heads are better than one..and she's a cool level minded person..

Our first event will be held April 2, 2016 and the Dripping Springs Ranch Park Event Room..
Please "like" our Facebook page, Dripping Springs Market Days
You will be subjected to all sorts of information leading up to the event.... Wish me well!

This weekend I will be selling at Fredericksburg Trade Days! I've never been but I've heard it is a blast.
Come out to look around and do some Christmas Shopping!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Holiday Show...

Today I got up early, braved the rain and headed into Austin with Juliette to participate in the Circe C Holiday Market.

The weather was rainy and chilly, so we were both happy the event was indoors... but we still had to unload in the nasty weather..

We got unpacked, set our area up and things got going around 11 o'clock... it was a good show.
Not crazy busy, but the other vendors were really nice and the people who came out to shop were, everyone of them wonderful. The kids were well behaved the adults were polite and kind... and some brought goods.

I sold a few paintings and some of our smaller items, like necklaces and such... but I also was testing the waters on these painted kitchen towels I've been working on.

I sold quite a few of them... the quality of the towels themselves is good, and people liked the original designs....

I am inspired to try painting on other sorts of fabric.. like baby hats that sort of thing.. who knows I may learn to screen print!

 I used a special type of fabric paint, which actually smells like ink, the brand name is Jacquard, and it's good because, not only does it not wash out, it also remains soft...sometimes fabric paint will stay stiff...

This project stayed colorful and soft.. I was pleased and will be adding kitchen towels to my items to sell..

The next show I will be participating in will be the Fredericksburg Trade Days...I just don't know about it.. but there's no other way to find out than to just give it a try...

Oh! and please if you are on instagram, Please follow Novellas farm.  Thanks!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November 7, Holiday Show Circle C Austin

 Please come to the First Annual Circle C Holiday Market! (hopefully annual).

I found out about this show from a really lovely woman I met at another show. She makes earrings and sun catchers that are so pretty!

We have been telling each other about events when we hear about them.. which is so nice, and then if we are at the same show we can help each other out...

Any way this should be fun, I think the Circle C neighborhood in Austin has a pretty hip population and I want to get feedback and hopefully make some sales... although strangely enough, getting the art seen and getting my name out there is important as well....

This show is indoors! So if you find yourself around the area on Saturday, please drop in... there will be at least 15 artist exhibiting and selling their work.

                                                                                     Circle C Community Center
                                                                                      7817 Lacrosse Avenue, Austin
                                                                                      11 am to 3 pm. Saturday 
                                                                                      November 7.
I've been busy getting some new work made, I think it's pretty good.. can't wait to show it!
Hope to see you there!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

October 11/ Art Market..

The Fat Moon Fine Art Show was a few weeks ago.
I realized later that night that the reason it was named "Fat Moon" was in honor of the super moon and lunar eclipse that happened later that same night.

The event was held at Onion Creek Kitchens, which is a very fine place. In fact my husband I like to go there and rent a cabin when we are able.. just to have a night where we can get away from chores.. it's not too far in case we get called home...
 These photos don't show you much, but it's really nice... and clean ... and modern...
 I believe I may have mentioned that as a child we camped at the beach for 2 weeks every summer... as a result of that I really don't want to rough it... at all ... if I don't have to...(my house is rough enough).

There's a lovely private sauna to pretend you're in the mob....
A wonderful pool that is perfect....
An outdoor kitchen if you just can't live without it...

One reason we like it is you can view the calendar to see if anyone else is booked.. so you can get the whole place to yourself...
And as the name suggest there is a kitchen for cooking classes, with a wonderful eating area.. artists were set up in there, and I was set up in the barn.... there were also artists set up outside in tents...

I did Ok, mainly because some friends came, but I also sold a few things to some really, really good artists which is always exciting....

It was good and hopefully I'll be back there for next year... 

Please come out to see me this coming Sunday at Bee Caves, they have a market in the Lowes parking lot..(I know...) but it's actually pretty good, and the
people and vendors are great! It's from 10 to 2 every Sunday.. I have lots of new works to show and hope to meet some new folks and see some familiar faces.....

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Where to Find Us

 I'm almost embarrassed  to actually post again.
I think the last post I made was when I almost died at the Boerne Market Days event back in June...

I said then that I wasn't going to attempt to sell any art at another event until it got cooler... and I haven't.... I did put some art into a little gallery here in Dripping Springs.. the name is Solstice and the man who owns and runs the place is the nicest person you could ever meet..

I felt like "well at least I have art out air conditioning.."... and I have sold a few things.. but of course although it's the easiest route, the gallery owner gets a pretty good chunk of the art price, so as an artist I want to sell as much work directly to the buyer. That way I get to charge less, make a little more.... You know... cut out the middle man.

With that attitude in mind Juliette and I set up shop at the Bee Caves Market this last Sunday.. and it was great! It was warm but not crazy hot... it's in the Lowes parking lot so in the summer I'm pretty sure there must be fatalities.... but it was (compared to Boerne) a very comfortable day..
It's kind of interesting,.. the regional differences of the people in each location.. Blanco, Boerne and Bee Cave.. I didn't know what to expect but everyone was very enthusiastic and I sold 7 paintings. Juliette sold her kitty ears, (almost all) and a few necklaces...

We will be back! However, next Sunday  September 27, we are going to be at Onion Creek Kitchens for the 1st Annual Fat Moon Fine Arts Festival.. it benefits PAWS, and I do love animals.. There will be free food, drinks, music and art vendors.. if you have an inkling to come you really should, it's a beautiful place!

Home to see you there!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Boerne Market Days

 This last weekend Juliette and I set up at the Boerne Market Days.

The Market Days here are 2 day events.

We drove there on Friday evening,  spent the night with my Mom and set up early the next morning.

Once again I want to bring up the point how hard these vendors work!

It's just so easy to think " must be no big deal"
but it's so much work you wouldn't believe it!

We got all set up and early Saturday I sold a few things...

Not much and then nothing til late Sunday because a friend showed up with her kids and saved us by purchasing a few items...

I think she felt sorry for us.

 It was so hot I ended up getting heat stroke.

I mean the real heat stroke... where you throw up...

Sooooo.... I decided it just isn't worth it to do these events in the summer.. no way.

A lesson learned..

I am waiting til October and think it will make all the difference in the world.

I did however sell
1.Pig Smelling Flowers to a couple who is sending it their niece in another state.
2. The Elephant wearing the purple cap on Poplar, I sold this to
woman who owns the Hungry Horse in Boerne.
3. The large rooster on metal to a man who owns The Ridge in
4. a set of cow paintings
5. Armadillo on purple.

This is good, as I really want my art to just get out in the world...
not to mention many people gave me more advice and took my card...

 I don't believe I have posted  these metal paintings I did for outdoors, could also be indoors but outdoor safe.

A Pig... ( obviously).. you can't really tell but she has
black flowers hidden in her pattern.
 Frog painting on metal. Also for outdoors..
 All  of these, the pig, the frog , the whale and the rabbit along with a rooster are currently on display and  available at
"Solstice" here in Dripping Springs, and I will be taking more art over in the next few days....

Trying to work it and make something of this endeavor..

Here's to the artist in us all...

Monday, June 22, 2015

Painting on Metal

first I drew in chalk
 I mentioned last week about going to the Blanco Market Day.

Well, I went, but first let me tell you something. If you're like me
you've never really considered what all those vendors at farmers markets, art markets, fairs..etc. what those folks go through even before the event!

To begin with they have all registered with the state, and then they paid cash money to be at the event, and they have to show even if the weather is bad... just so you know.
The day before, they spent getting everything together, and before the fair or market opens, they got there at least an hour before hand probably more and set everything up and then moved their vehicle so you could park close by....I have a lot of respect for these people after doing the market on Saturday.... So next time 
you know.
finished product... with chicken walking by

Ok, so my story... of course the weather forecast was 10% rain for the day, at least until the actual day when it was.. yes, raining, hard...  Juliette and I went anyway since we had to, and really why not? We had everything ready.. 

We didn't  wear rain coats, and I don't know why, except Juliette, when she saw some of the other vendors setting up in rain coats, said "they look terrible" and I guess that's why we didn't... 

So we got there, and I checked in, but I told the woman we were waiting til it stopped raining, we went and had coffee and watched the other vendors til it stopped raining and then we got to work. 
Honestly I don't know how a single person could set up one of those canopy tents alone, we have enough trouble together.. but we got it all done.. and then we sat and waited.. and waited...
We sold one item! and then it started raining and I didn't care what anyone said, I wasn't going to let my wood art get ruined so we left!

But I learned something here too! Several people told me to try another market.. and also they asked if 
my art could be hung out doors. I've had this question asked a few times before and I was thinking of just using old cedar, which I do like... but I have all this old sheet metal around. ( We have so much stuff that I always thought was junk, but know I'm glad we have it!) 

So I thought "What the heck, let's just see how this looks..." you know what? I like it! and it's light, and thin, much easier to move around.
This picture of the rooster on metal is 5ft 5inches tall by 26" wide, which means it's a standard metal piece..
Do you like it?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Little Tiny Art

 I love miniature paintings..

and.. what better way to exhibit tiny pieces of art
than as jewelry?

These are a few little chokers I made...
keep in mind they're the first and as  Juliette tells me .. " you'll get better".

Gotta love that girl.

Everything is being posted on etsy, little by little..
novellasfarm on etsy.

1" wood tiles ( made by jerry) on 14" cords.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Process

 Jerry, ( my husband) keeps his eyes open for useful wood for my art..

He came home from the lumber the yard  with two 6ft. long pine boards.. he found them
in the culling rack and thought I could use them..

I asked him to glue the boards  together to make a wider piece and then to cut it in two 3ft lengths.

Here's what I came up with...

 I wanted to paint a pig, and as it turned out after I had drawn the image I had a knot hole in just the
right spot for the eye...
I guess the pig was there all the time just waiting to be revealed..

Anyway, after I drew the image, I burned the pencil lines with my trusty wood burner... then I sanded,
and sanded and sanded....

For this piece I painted the pig with white milkpaint and then sanded over the white paint to expose the wood...

Here's the finished product...

I still can't understand why the wood was being culled..

If by any chance you are in the Blanco area on the 20th of  June, please try to come by the Market Day
Fair at the Courthouse..
I'll be there! selling art and other wonderful goods.. come say hello and look around!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Whats Up with Art

 I've been busy... I feel sure you can relate.

 Life is so full of everyday obligations
doing little extras (like blogging) gets tossed by the wayside.

A few things have happened though...

I started making  little wearable pieces... these little wood tiles are about an inch in size, the cord fits close to the neck.

I painted a few. I think they're kind of cute, and of course  my first attempt, they will get better...  I thought they would be nice
to have when I sell at art fairs. Something small and fun.

The other thing that happened is kind of a bummer..

I went on and on about "Revival" the store in Bee Cave..
How I communicated with the owner, he saw my art, he loved it wanted to take it all on day one...

Remember all that?

Well to make a long story short,  I went in there about a week after I took my art  up to their store "officially".
And it was no where to be seen. Then a woman came out named
Christy, she took me to the back and told me that their last inventory manager had over ordered, and the owner, David, really didn't  have the authority to accept work from artists.

She said they had too much inventory  and had no room for my art... so I took it home. I'm glad I went up there because I don't know when they would have felt like letting me know
about the situation.

 I have a lot to learn.
 But, I am learning.. and I learned  from this experience, happily it only cost me some time and my pride.

I have an etsy store, Novellas Farm, that I'm adding to daily (Please visit!) and I will be going to art fairs and such for now..

 As they say..." it's all good"... for the time being.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Art Statement...

Here is my Art Statement... you gotta have one..

My Art is  a statement to the viewer that says, " look at this image and see the value and beauty of what it represents". Hopefully it's a method to convince others to really look at what's around them.

Originally my art was all done on scrap pieces of lumber, pieces that were being thrown out, considered trash. I saw that these pieces still had use and I started painting images of the animals I had on my farm. At the time I was focused on dairy cows and I was frustrated by the general mistreatment of these animals by big dairy... I felt the scrap wood and the image of these gentle useful animals were a powerful pairing. Where would we be with out trees and cows?

Today I paint all sorts of  things, but in the beginning it was about the dairy cows..

When I get ready to paint, I first spend time just having the board or wood around while I do other things.. At first I may not see anything in the board... but then it will be clear. In the knots and the grain.. a little like seeing constellations in the starry sky. Then I draw the image on the board, wood burn and sand it. Next I like to paint with water color. Some wood is just free painted...

Lately I've been interested in putting art onto furnishings.. art is all around us just have to see it.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Furniture as Art

 When a gal has a husband who's a carpenter she
ends up with little pieces of "scrap" furnishings".

One such piece is this little book shelf that my daughter had in her room, but she took it out and had it in our "Goodwill pile".

I've been thinking that a natural progression for my art would be for  Jerry to build furnishings for me to paint...

As long as I had this piece around I decided to give it a try.

Keep in mind I didn't have the patience to get proper paints..

I just used acrylics I had on hand.. and I didn't really think through my design...

Still though. I think it came out pretty cute.

 Maybe for a baby's room?

I just painted rabbits on the sides and a sunflower on the top...

But I think I will ask Jerry to build a hutch for kitchen use and paint and finish something like that, you know with roosters, chickens and well... farm looking, kitcheny type designs....

Novellas Art Creations? Novellas Creations?
Novellas Farm Art Creations?... ideas?.. suggestions?

As always.. thanks for looking...

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

 This weekend I'm heading to Boerne TX to:

 1. See my Mom ( it's been a pretty long time since I've spent time with her) and
2. participate in the Art Waddle.

It's basically an Art show along a downtown residental neighborhood... they call it the Art Waddle because most people waddle when they walk.... no, of course not! It's because the Cibolo Creek flows through town and the ducks and geese waddle around the area..

I think it will good exposure and maybe, just maybe I'll sell something!

 One thing I've done is to take some pieces that I had and kind
of spruce them up a bit...

 I added background color to some of my roosters... I like them better like this...

What do y'all think?
 I have some of the before and after pictures.. so you can see the difference.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

One Step Closer to Victory

letter sent out against us
I thought I'ld bring you  up to date on what is happening with
our HOA law suit.

It's been awhile since I posted about the status, so forgive me if I repost information...

I think I mentioned that my wonderful attorney and now friend Bill Davis had filed a motion of protection to prevent these imposters posing as the Springlake HOA from serving us with discovery.
They in turn filed a motion to "quelch"? I think that's what it's called.. they asked for a hearing with a judge to overturn our protection..

The hearing was in March, the judge heard all sides and wanted to give both sides time to submit briefs arguing their side... we had til April 2 to do that.. and we did... still no judgement from the court
as to anything.... today is April 26, and the discovery period ends
for both sides as of May 8... so even if the judge makes no ruling as of  May 8 we can't be served with discovery any way...

Bill says it's a good sign as usually discovery is granted...

So there's that, the other thing is that HOAs even phoney ones have annual meetings when certain things are supposed to happen by law.
1. Elections are supposed to happen
2 Financials are supposed to be presented to the home owners.

Neither thing happened at our annual meeting...
We had sent out a letter to the neighborhood before the meeting explaining the status of this HOA and our
situation in the hopes this neighborhood would wake up and demand answers from this maddening group of men who collect money, file suits and liens against neighbors and have no authority to do so...
and we wanted them to vote.. even if it is Phoney it is, for the time being accepted by the neighbors as authentic.

We started a facebook group, got folks to nominate themselves for the elections actually demanded a real election ( the first one since I've lived here) and I, to be sure there were enough other choices on the ballot nominated myself for board, and Jerry for the ACC, or construction committee...

On Wed. an anonymous letter was sent out , ( not to me) telling everyone to not vote for us as it would be a conflict of interest..( although Al Blair, president of the whole HOA, and my next door neighbor had no conflict of interest filing suit)... I think one pretty funny thing the letter said was that the same group of men hand not been on the board for the past 20 years.... one or two of them had taken a term off here and there.
(I don't think they can even recall themselves.. and no records are kept..) If I weren't being sued it might be funny.

Then as happens on social media, I pretty much got torn apart. It seemed like the fact this is an illegal organization, not the one named on our deeds was pretty much of no concern.... just the terrible infractions
we committed.... ( the word is persecute)

So I got off our own face book page! Ha!! Pretty funny right? But only a fool would stay where under those circumstances..

There was an election this last Saturday, and the results will be announced on Wed... it doesn't really matter what the out come is, it doesn't change anything for us really, we just wanted to help the neighborhood.

Oh well what can you do?

As always keep the faith and visualize reading a post about our victory!

 I took my paintings down from Thai Fresh this weekend.

They were there over a month... I think ... I kind of lost track of the time....but.. it was a great success. That's my opinion any way...

I sold a good many, over  10 and made a little  money!

The idea that someone other than my mother or my immediate family actually thought something I created is nice enough to actually pay for, and hang in their home is quite an honor for me.

I also learned which subjects are the more popular..
I did not sell one cow.. not one and they are my favorites..
but I guess other people don't see them like I do....

I learned from this experience as we
 One thing.. the artist needs to be close enough to replace sold items, or to just move things around for  visibility..There were few times I went in to check on my art and a few were missing.. the time for the art to be displayed is limited, so ideally they should be checked on daily if possible...

I also learned which subjects are the more popular..
I did not sell one cow.. not one and they are my favorites..
but I guess other people don't see them like I do..

Here are few I brought home, and I will be posting others soon..

I will be posting everything in the gallery section to kind of have a history of where I started and where I go...although a lot of things
sold before I got a picture of them... something else learned! Take photos and catalogue all work immediatly.

Oh yeah and put my card securely on the back with contact info.
I was thrilled to learn one of my little pieces was purchased by
Zooey Deschanel... and I wish my contact info was on the back... just in case she (or anyone) just has to have another..

Thanks for looking.