Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Boerne Market Days

 This last weekend Juliette and I set up at the Boerne Market Days.

The Market Days here are 2 day events.

We drove there on Friday evening,  spent the night with my Mom and set up early the next morning.

Once again I want to bring up the point how hard these vendors work!

It's just so easy to think " must be no big deal"
but it's so much work you wouldn't believe it!

We got all set up and early Saturday I sold a few things...

Not much and then nothing til late Sunday because a friend showed up with her kids and saved us by purchasing a few items...

I think she felt sorry for us.

 It was so hot I ended up getting heat stroke.

I mean the real heat stroke... where you throw up...

Sooooo.... I decided it just isn't worth it to do these events in the summer.. no way.

A lesson learned..

I am waiting til October and think it will make all the difference in the world.

I did however sell
1.Pig Smelling Flowers to a couple who is sending it their niece in another state.
2. The Elephant wearing the purple cap on Poplar, I sold this to
woman who owns the Hungry Horse in Boerne.
3. The large rooster on metal to a man who owns The Ridge in
4. a set of cow paintings
5. Armadillo on purple.

This is good, as I really want my art to just get out in the world...
not to mention many people gave me more advice and took my card...

 I don't believe I have posted  these metal paintings I did for outdoors, could also be indoors but outdoor safe.

A Pig... ( obviously).. you can't really tell but she has
black flowers hidden in her pattern.
 Frog painting on metal. Also for outdoors..
 All  of these, the pig, the frog , the whale and the rabbit along with a rooster are currently on display and  available at
"Solstice" here in Dripping Springs, and I will be taking more art over in the next few days....

Trying to work it and make something of this endeavor..

Here's to the artist in us all...

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