Monday, June 22, 2015

Painting on Metal

first I drew in chalk
 I mentioned last week about going to the Blanco Market Day.

Well, I went, but first let me tell you something. If you're like me
you've never really considered what all those vendors at farmers markets, art markets, fairs..etc. what those folks go through even before the event!

To begin with they have all registered with the state, and then they paid cash money to be at the event, and they have to show even if the weather is bad... just so you know.
The day before, they spent getting everything together, and before the fair or market opens, they got there at least an hour before hand probably more and set everything up and then moved their vehicle so you could park close by....I have a lot of respect for these people after doing the market on Saturday.... So next time 
you know.
finished product... with chicken walking by

Ok, so my story... of course the weather forecast was 10% rain for the day, at least until the actual day when it was.. yes, raining, hard...  Juliette and I went anyway since we had to, and really why not? We had everything ready.. 

We didn't  wear rain coats, and I don't know why, except Juliette, when she saw some of the other vendors setting up in rain coats, said "they look terrible" and I guess that's why we didn't... 

So we got there, and I checked in, but I told the woman we were waiting til it stopped raining, we went and had coffee and watched the other vendors til it stopped raining and then we got to work. 
Honestly I don't know how a single person could set up one of those canopy tents alone, we have enough trouble together.. but we got it all done.. and then we sat and waited.. and waited...
We sold one item! and then it started raining and I didn't care what anyone said, I wasn't going to let my wood art get ruined so we left!

But I learned something here too! Several people told me to try another market.. and also they asked if 
my art could be hung out doors. I've had this question asked a few times before and I was thinking of just using old cedar, which I do like... but I have all this old sheet metal around. ( We have so much stuff that I always thought was junk, but know I'm glad we have it!) 

So I thought "What the heck, let's just see how this looks..." you know what? I like it! and it's light, and thin, much easier to move around.
This picture of the rooster on metal is 5ft 5inches tall by 26" wide, which means it's a standard metal piece..
Do you like it?

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