Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Whats Up with Art

 I've been busy... I feel sure you can relate.

 Life is so full of everyday obligations
doing little extras (like blogging) gets tossed by the wayside.

A few things have happened though...

I started making  little wearable pieces... these little wood tiles are about an inch in size, the cord fits close to the neck.

I painted a few. I think they're kind of cute, and of course  my first attempt, they will get better...  I thought they would be nice
to have when I sell at art fairs. Something small and fun.

The other thing that happened is kind of a bummer..

I went on and on about "Revival" the store in Bee Cave..
How I communicated with the owner, he saw my art, he loved it wanted to take it all on day one...

Remember all that?

Well to make a long story short,  I went in there about a week after I took my art  up to their store "officially".
And it was no where to be seen. Then a woman came out named
Christy, she took me to the back and told me that their last inventory manager had over ordered, and the owner, David, really didn't  have the authority to accept work from artists.

She said they had too much inventory  and had no room for my art... so I took it home. I'm glad I went up there because I don't know when they would have felt like letting me know
about the situation.

 I have a lot to learn.
 But, I am learning.. and I learned  from this experience, happily it only cost me some time and my pride.

I have an etsy store, Novellas Farm, that I'm adding to daily (Please visit!) and I will be going to art fairs and such for now..

 As they say..." it's all good"... for the time being.

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