Thursday, December 27, 2012

Novella grazing at a neighbors house who loves her
 I have not wanted to let any one know what is
happening here, but it is time to post about it.

As you know we are located in a neighborhood. The lots are large and animals are allowed, but no businesses.

A few weeks ago we were notified about the fact that we were breaking the by laws and the business part was mentioned.

So I am no longer able to have Farm Days.
At least not here.

You see I live next door to the President of the HOA, and actually he has had a bee in his bonnet for us ever since we got here. Bless his heart, we just aren't the right kind of people he wants next door, even though he actually lives in Hyde Park....

In life you run across people like this, they live through others, doing bizarre things like searching the Internet looking for evidence to support their suspicions (like farm days). Instead of just being happy with what is right, and living their lives... they worry about the rest of us.

At first I was upset and angry about it, ( because there are other people out here running classes, and with lots of horses ) but now I am happy, I say thank you neighbor for lighting a fire under me and my husband. For reminding us of where we really want to be.

My dream is to be able to offer a place for families to come, spend the night or weekend and actually
do farm chores along with relaxing in their own yurt or other shelter.
Its called Ag Tourism, and I want to do it.
I  want my girls to have pasture, plenty of it.
I  want to be able to grow my business to the point where I can hire people to help me, and then they can go and do the same things on their own.
I want my greenhouse and so much.... too much for Spring Lake.

So my postings will be taking a different direction, I will be posting about the journey we will be taking to make our dreams real.


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas this year was a little different than years past.
For one thing the kids are getting older. Ian is 18, Tommy is 15 and Juliette is 11.
I had warned them that I was short on funds and not to expect much if anything in the way of gifts this year.

Last night I started to worry a bit, because I actually only had stockings for the boys and for Juliette only
2 small gifts along with her stocking.

This morning after I finished my milking, Juliette opened her gifts and seemed so happy with them. The boys seemed happy too. All were quite relaxed and quiet.

When they were little I used to fret and shop like mad to get them every little item their little hearts desired.
Then by the time Christmas morning came my expectations were so high I always felt a little blue about the whole day. There was always so much packaging and well, just too much stuff.  I would always be so tired out and feeling a little sick from the excesses.
I have to say I really had a good I think I am starting to understand the true meaning of Christmas. The  birth of Christ, a day to just be with the ones you love. A day to practice a bit of quiet.
Hope everyone had a wonderful day!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fun Stuff

A few weeks ago I saw a post on my email for a
"Star Watching Party".

I thought to myself "That sounds so cool!"

I got in touch with Amy Jackson, the  woman who offers the parties.

I ran the idea of putting on a party out here in Novellas meadow.
She came out one day with her daughter and we decided, yeah! Lets try it.

Amy Jackson is the founder of "Starry Sky Austin".
I'm going to say right here, she was younger, thinner and prettier than her facebook photos look.

And she was well, a bit odd. Which I mean as a compliment. I was very impressed with her. I liked her!

She is a science nerd, which I have missed a bit since leaving A&M. I have one other friend out here who is
a science gal, the soap maker who is a Chemistry nerd. It is hard to put my finger on what it is... but if you are a science major you are just of a certain genre.

Since I too am one of these science nerds I feel I can make the statement that we are all a bit odd, and somewhat out of place in the usual setting.
We are unmanicured, shall we say. Not as fussy about the natue, one foot in the civilized world and one foot in the real world.

I am thrilled to be able to have Amy out here to teach us all about the Starry sky. If you are interested in attending please contact me personally and I will fill you in.

We will have a fire, roast smores and hot dogs (not mandatory) and learn about the stars in the sky.
This party is of course, weather dependent... clear skies are mandatory.