Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas this year was a little different than years past.
For one thing the kids are getting older. Ian is 18, Tommy is 15 and Juliette is 11.
I had warned them that I was short on funds and not to expect much if anything in the way of gifts this year.

Last night I started to worry a bit, because I actually only had stockings for the boys and for Juliette only
2 small gifts along with her stocking.

This morning after I finished my milking, Juliette opened her gifts and seemed so happy with them. The boys seemed happy too. All were quite relaxed and quiet.

When they were little I used to fret and shop like mad to get them every little item their little hearts desired.
Then by the time Christmas morning came my expectations were so high I always felt a little blue about the whole day. There was always so much packaging and well, just too much stuff.  I would always be so tired out and feeling a little sick from the excesses.
I have to say I really had a good day.today. I think I am starting to understand the true meaning of Christmas. The  birth of Christ, a day to just be with the ones you love. A day to practice a bit of quiet.
Hope everyone had a wonderful day!

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