Thursday, December 27, 2012

Novella grazing at a neighbors house who loves her
 I have not wanted to let any one know what is
happening here, but it is time to post about it.

As you know we are located in a neighborhood. The lots are large and animals are allowed, but no businesses.

A few weeks ago we were notified about the fact that we were breaking the by laws and the business part was mentioned.

So I am no longer able to have Farm Days.
At least not here.

You see I live next door to the President of the HOA, and actually he has had a bee in his bonnet for us ever since we got here. Bless his heart, we just aren't the right kind of people he wants next door, even though he actually lives in Hyde Park....

In life you run across people like this, they live through others, doing bizarre things like searching the Internet looking for evidence to support their suspicions (like farm days). Instead of just being happy with what is right, and living their lives... they worry about the rest of us.

At first I was upset and angry about it, ( because there are other people out here running classes, and with lots of horses ) but now I am happy, I say thank you neighbor for lighting a fire under me and my husband. For reminding us of where we really want to be.

My dream is to be able to offer a place for families to come, spend the night or weekend and actually
do farm chores along with relaxing in their own yurt or other shelter.
Its called Ag Tourism, and I want to do it.
I  want my girls to have pasture, plenty of it.
I  want to be able to grow my business to the point where I can hire people to help me, and then they can go and do the same things on their own.
I want my greenhouse and so much.... too much for Spring Lake.

So my postings will be taking a different direction, I will be posting about the journey we will be taking to make our dreams real.


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