Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hard to get a shot of bees!
Today was one of those beautiful
days that make you forget the days earlier in the week when you wanted to just stay inside and do nothing.

Well nothing except sit by the heater and count your blessings that you aren't a chicken or cow out in the wet, cold, muddy weather.   

My bedroom faces east towards the back so the rising sun woke me this morning, how wonderful!

The change in weather was like a dose of medicine for us all,  the dogs slept in the sun, the cows jumped around and ran, the chickens stretched out their wings in the sun and of course the bees finally left their hive.

Bees are kind on weird animals to take care of, I mean you do have to feed them and check on them,  but only if the weather is right.
So what usually happens is I will  put my ear up to the hive on
those cold stretches and try to hear them. I never can, it is dead silent. Which always worries me, are they gone? are they starving?
Poor babies I should open the box and check on them...
But I can't do that, they need to retain their heat in the box, opening it up would be very hard on them.... so I just have to wait.

I  keep them covered with a tarp on  cold nights. I also put sugar and water in the hive for them to eat. Otherwise I have no idea how they are....  The thing is, with the internet I will be reading bee keeper blogs and come upon a post the says "my whole hive is dead" and I think.... "my whole hive is dead".

So today I got to see them again. They were out swarming all around their hive, drinking water enjoying the sun.... I love those little guys... I mean girls.  
I want to say "Thanks "to everyone for their support of Novellas Farm and continuing it.

For now I  am working on a business plan and researching funding 
possibilities. I got some wonderful information about The City of
Austins'  Small Business Development Program from a delightful
blog called, "Jack and the Tealeaf"
Check it out
May your dreams come true.


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