Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Fun Little Story

Every Thursday the animals knew that the family would be gone for most of the evening until close to after dark

This discovery had been made by accident, the cows began to understand that on a certain day the woman and girl would leave in the afternoon, always in a rush.
Then a while later the boy people would begin to feed the chickens, water all of the animals and try to convince the dairy cows to go into their pen and lock the gates behind them.

The animals would hear the boy people yell at each other, run out with orange balls and jump into the large green car. They would tear out the driveway, race down the road..... and then nothing.
Silence, no voices heard.... until much later, when the woman and girl would come home, go into the house, change and come out with lights to check on water and food for all. So although the day was not routine,
it became part of the anticipated cycle and the animals were content with the arrangement.

Now the woman and girl would race out each Thursday and go into the nearby city to shop and take the girl to her choir practice. So usually they would be home at close to the same time
each evening.
But one evening on the way back to the farm there was a terrible accident, now the woman and girl were not involved but the traffic delay was 2 hours!
Novella began to listen for the woman at the expected time, but heard nothing. She waited and listened.
"Quiet Mattie!" she mooed." I am trying to listen I can not hear over your lip smacking".
Mattie tried to control her self " sorry, but I'm so hungry, where can they be!"
"maybe they are gone! and never coming home and we will starve!" Sunny bawled.

"Calm yourself heifer" Novella snapped. " I have known the woman for a long time, she will not forget us, No she must be in some sort of trouble. I am sure of it. And here we sit, or lie, not helping at

She began to pace the pen,
"That's it, If the mountain will not come to Mohammad, Mohammad will go to the mountain" said Novella
"What are you talking about?" Mattie questioned

Novella did not answer, she headed to the gate and walked through it.
"Oh boy!! said Sunny " let's have some fun!"
"Finally" said Mattie.

Novella had already headed up to the house so the 2 younger girls scampered to catch up.
They looked in the windows, nothing.
They looked in the greenhouse, only plants in there " they do look delicious" slurped Novella
They looked in the chicken coop, nothing but bird brains in there ""they're starting to look pretty delicious too" said Mattie.

Novella turned and headed for the road....
"lets go Mom!" trumpeted Sunny

The three rather large sillhouettes headed down the road. They made poor time, what with all the distractions.." oh so much grass" they all burped.

Several hours later the woman and girl headed down the road, "Mom, what is that!" asked the girl.
As the headlights illuminated the 3 escapees, the woman said " oh my! thank goodness they're alright! those boys must have left the gate open!"

"Don't worry mom, I'll get mad at them for you" offered the girl.

The three cows ran in after the woman and girl.
As the woman got out of the car, Novella sighed, "good"

The three girls went to the pen and the woman brought food and pats all around.
"Goodness, if I didn't know better I would swear you were waiting for us!" 
 Novella just stared at her.

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