Saturday, January 12, 2013

Today my husband, Jerry and I went to look at a piece of property in Johnson City.

It was a  Lavender Farm, there was about 3 acres of  lavender planted. All together it was around 12 acres.

There was the small field of lavender ( this is not a photo from the farm), a butterfly garden, a fenced black berry patch and a little shop area.

The owners had worked so hard! I have a place in my heart for folks who work like this, mainly because I have firsthand knowledge of what it takes to fence, and plant and build and water. Just the transport of the materials is exhausting.  I felt like crying to think they had worked so hard and were giving it up.

 I kept thinking about the heat... the sun and the heat. I have the feeling that a Lavender farm in the Texas hill country is a hot, sunny place. 

The place was  intriguing  because it is already somewhat tamed, and there is electric and a well, it is totally fenced, ( for my cows) and it is along the Blanco Lavender route.
Oh yes, and it is Ag Exempt. That magical ranking that makes a property look pretty darn good.  I believe the taxes on the this place were listed at around 16.00 for last year.
Yes you read that right. Amazing, yes?

The down side? No house and I just don't know if I can do that again. Another
construction project? I fear I may kill someone if I am put in that situation again. No kidding.
Oh yeah, and no septic.... another project that I don't look forward to repeating again...

I don't know if I mentioned that Jerry and I have never actually looked for property, we have til now, either bought the house we were renting ( as in Austin), or decided on the first place we saw ( as with this present house) or just purchased because we liked the area ( as in raw land). Never before have we actually looked,
like normal people for the right place.

When we moved into our present place it was a real dump, but the yard was so pretty. Our kids could not
believe it when we told them we were moving. So when I mentioned to my son a few minutes ago that we looked at a piece of property today, I saw him tense up. Then I said " it doesn't have a house" he was just
quiet, til I said "we aren't doing that again" and he laughed.

I'm finally getting it right.


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