Friday, September 26, 2014

House Breaking Baby

 Ok, so about  a week ago we acquired a new dog.

I really had no intention of getting a new dog..... I mean Blackie just left us pretty recently and the remaining dogs have been adjusting to their new situation , and really they're both sort of old as far as dogs go.. so I figured , no new dogs for a while at least.

Here's what happened.

I have a dear friend who's a bit of an animal lover to say the least.
She's kind of got this gravitational pull for animals, they just seem to be attracted to her... she just can't say no to an animal that needs a home..

Ok so she came over and she had this puppy with her... and she said her girls wanted Juliette to have the puppy, but if I didn't want him she would take him home..

I was just about to worm my way out of letting him stay, when Juliette came out and asked to hold him and starts to fall in love with him.. .. guess what happened next?

Well I figured I could still say Jerry wouldn't let us have another small dog, and then here comes Jerry.. and he of course sees his little girl holding the puppy, long story short...  he says yes.

So.. we have a new dog, a puppy.
His name is Nemo, he wriggles like a fish when we pick him up.
I have to admit he's really cute, and I am getting to really like him...

But.. I just really need all my dogs to be house broken and so far

we haven't had much luck. I read about Chihuahuas and found out they are extremely hard to house break.. but it can be done.

I read about these things called doggie bands, that you put on male dogs to act as sort of diapers... they don't like to pee in them and they protect your floors and such. I haven't felt like making a special trip into Austin to find these tiny bands, so I decided to try a make shift type thing.

I just got a washcloth, folded it and safety pinned it in place... and guess what? So far so good!!

I think this information could be useful for others so I'll keep you posted on how this puppy does with this method of training.

Stay tuned.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Coffee with a Canine?

Remember this summer when I posted we had to put Blackie down?

Well after I posted that sad news I was contacted by a blogger with a site called "Coffee with a Canine". He offered his condolences and invited me to participate in an interview on his

He posted it recently and I thought I'ld let ya'll know about it and
turn you on to this quirky little site.

Kind of a fun idea and a brillant way to get others to write your blog for you!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Quick Trip

Displaying photo.JPGYesterday my husband, daughter and myself took a quick little trip to the beach.

I don't know about anyone else, but for me, I get so busy I finally just made a reservation in order to force me to do it! Other wise I keep coming up with excuses and just stay in my little comfort zone, which I may have mentioned I 'm working on stepping out of...

Ok so after I finished my chores on Thursday we set off, and since Jerry has gigs this weekend we were only staying one night. I splurged on a hotel room with a balcony overlooking the ocean so we could get maximum enjoyment out of our short time.

 We arrived on Thursday afternoon, had a lovely time swimming, and taking a walk on the beach. A nice little picnic dinner and then to bed so we could have a full day before heading home the next afternoon.

Around 4:30 in the morning I awoke to a noise of a huge engine revving upover and over... I ( along with Jerry )got up and looked from the balcony to see what was up.

There was a truck stuck in the sand and a guy in a huge diesel truck trying to pull the vehicle out with a rope. Just pulling over and over in the same spot until actually the stuck vehicle was slowly burying itself in the sand.

I turned to Jerry and said, "we used to get stuck in the sand all the time when I was a kid"
You see with 8 kids the beach was our vacation every year. Yup, we camped for 2 weeks. I think it was 2 weeks.  My dad worked so hard to make it happen  for us and it was absolutely priceless.

One year we brought raccoons with us, because, yes , we had raccoons for pets. They ran free on the beach terrifying other campers. They really are very dangerous animals but that didn't stop us from bringing them or keeping them. At least till they were old enough to set free. ( we raised them when their mother was shot on my grandmothers property).

I started telling Jerry about how it was, the sand everywhere. My brother ( the neat one) driving himself to distraction trying to keep order. My sister walking to the showers constantly to relieve herself of the sand.
And my dad, just seemed really happy there, on the beach.

In my mind it was wonderful, the freedom, the water, the sand, sleeping on the beach listening to the surf, going to the pier, going way too far out in the water but never being schedule, no rushing, No T.V. no plans... just  the beach.

Anyway, instead of getting angry with the people, ( they had set up a campsite) for making so much noise
and waking us up I found myself laughing thinking about it, and knowing they'll remember the adventure
for the rest of their lives.