Saturday, November 7, 2015

Holiday Show...

Today I got up early, braved the rain and headed into Austin with Juliette to participate in the Circe C Holiday Market.

The weather was rainy and chilly, so we were both happy the event was indoors... but we still had to unload in the nasty weather..

We got unpacked, set our area up and things got going around 11 o'clock... it was a good show.
Not crazy busy, but the other vendors were really nice and the people who came out to shop were, everyone of them wonderful. The kids were well behaved the adults were polite and kind... and some brought goods.

I sold a few paintings and some of our smaller items, like necklaces and such... but I also was testing the waters on these painted kitchen towels I've been working on.

I sold quite a few of them... the quality of the towels themselves is good, and people liked the original designs....

I am inspired to try painting on other sorts of fabric.. like baby hats that sort of thing.. who knows I may learn to screen print!

 I used a special type of fabric paint, which actually smells like ink, the brand name is Jacquard, and it's good because, not only does it not wash out, it also remains soft...sometimes fabric paint will stay stiff...

This project stayed colorful and soft.. I was pleased and will be adding kitchen towels to my items to sell..

The next show I will be participating in will be the Fredericksburg Trade Days...I just don't know about it.. but there's no other way to find out than to just give it a try...

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November 7, Holiday Show Circle C Austin

 Please come to the First Annual Circle C Holiday Market! (hopefully annual).

I found out about this show from a really lovely woman I met at another show. She makes earrings and sun catchers that are so pretty!

We have been telling each other about events when we hear about them.. which is so nice, and then if we are at the same show we can help each other out...

Any way this should be fun, I think the Circle C neighborhood in Austin has a pretty hip population and I want to get feedback and hopefully make some sales... although strangely enough, getting the art seen and getting my name out there is important as well....

This show is indoors! So if you find yourself around the area on Saturday, please drop in... there will be at least 15 artist exhibiting and selling their work.

                                                                                     Circle C Community Center
                                                                                      7817 Lacrosse Avenue, Austin
                                                                                      11 am to 3 pm. Saturday 
                                                                                      November 7.
I've been busy getting some new work made, I think it's pretty good.. can't wait to show it!
Hope to see you there!