Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ok so today I had this great idea. 
I thought, well I can't have farm days, but I have lots of good product, I'll try to sell some!

So... I called a very well known nursery in Austin ....
and asked the woman who eventually answered, after I moved up the "queue" of calls,
I said " hello, I would like to bring over some worm casting I am trying to sell and see if you would put them in your store to sell for me."
She responded with "we have worm castings" 
To which I said " oh.... you don't want to carry any more?"
she finished up with a  firm "no".

Now I have to state here for disclosure reasons, that at one time years ago I applied for a job there, and was called in for what I must say was a ridiculous interview.
I was not asked once about my education, my experience with plants and growing, I was however asked 
what a person who had worked with me before would say if asked what my worst work qualities were.
I basically walked out.
I have a Bachelors in Science, I had my own gardening business, I run my own farm, I worked in the 
greenhouses at A&M for  years . None of which I was allowed to expand upon.
So when I got this response from them over the phone I was not too surprised. They do however, know how to run a very successful nursery.

What I decided to do is to list my products  and services here on my webpage.
I am in Austin all the time and can always work out a meeting place, or you can  pick up out here.

Novellas Farm is proud to offer the following:
Worm castings ...... measured in quarts or gallons and bagged up for you. 
1 quart 5.00
1 gallon 15.00
Potting Soil ..... a mix of peat moss, worm castings, vermiculite and epsom salt... Measured in 5 gallon containers and bagged up.  
5 gallon for 4.00,
 10 gallon 6.00 ,
20 gallon for  10.00

BEE Hive Set up and Help:
Have you wanted to get a bee hive but just don't know where to start? Well now is the time to
get busy, Contact me if you are interested and we can talk.
I will help you:Order the bee packages, choose your supplies, put the boxes and frames together set the 
hive boxes up. If you need help with installing the package of bees I can help with that too.

Pictures of these products will be up in a day or so along with more! 

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