Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Process

 Jerry, ( my husband) keeps his eyes open for useful wood for my art..

He came home from the lumber the yard  with two 6ft. long pine boards.. he found them
in the culling rack and thought I could use them..

I asked him to glue the boards  together to make a wider piece and then to cut it in two 3ft lengths.

Here's what I came up with...

 I wanted to paint a pig, and as it turned out after I had drawn the image I had a knot hole in just the
right spot for the eye...
I guess the pig was there all the time just waiting to be revealed..

Anyway, after I drew the image, I burned the pencil lines with my trusty wood burner... then I sanded,
and sanded and sanded....

For this piece I painted the pig with white milkpaint and then sanded over the white paint to expose the wood...

Here's the finished product...

I still can't understand why the wood was being culled..

If by any chance you are in the Blanco area on the 20th of  June, please try to come by the Market Day
Fair at the Courthouse..
I'll be there! selling art and other wonderful goods.. come say hello and look around!

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