Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Where to Find Us

 I'm almost embarrassed  to actually post again.
I think the last post I made was when I almost died at the Boerne Market Days event back in June...

I said then that I wasn't going to attempt to sell any art at another event until it got cooler... and I haven't.... I did put some art into a little gallery here in Dripping Springs.. the name is Solstice and the man who owns and runs the place is the nicest person you could ever meet..

I felt like "well at least I have art out there...in air conditioning.."... and I have sold a few things.. but of course although it's the easiest route, the gallery owner gets a pretty good chunk of the art price, so as an artist I want to sell as much work directly to the buyer. That way I get to charge less, make a little more.... You know... cut out the middle man.

With that attitude in mind Juliette and I set up shop at the Bee Caves Market this last Sunday.. and it was great! It was warm but not crazy hot... it's in the Lowes parking lot so in the summer I'm pretty sure there must be fatalities.... but it was (compared to Boerne) a very comfortable day..
It's kind of interesting,.. the regional differences of the people in each location.. Blanco, Boerne and Bee Cave.. I didn't know what to expect but everyone was very enthusiastic and I sold 7 paintings. Juliette sold her kitty ears, (almost all) and a few necklaces...

We will be back! However, next Sunday  September 27, we are going to be at Onion Creek Kitchens for the 1st Annual Fat Moon Fine Arts Festival.. it benefits PAWS, and I do love animals.. There will be free food, drinks, music and art vendors.. if you have an inkling to come you really should, it's a beautiful place!

Home to see you there!

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