Sunday, April 26, 2015

One Step Closer to Victory

letter sent out against us
I thought I'ld bring you  up to date on what is happening with
our HOA law suit.

It's been awhile since I posted about the status, so forgive me if I repost information...

I think I mentioned that my wonderful attorney and now friend Bill Davis had filed a motion of protection to prevent these imposters posing as the Springlake HOA from serving us with discovery.
They in turn filed a motion to "quelch"? I think that's what it's called.. they asked for a hearing with a judge to overturn our protection..

The hearing was in March, the judge heard all sides and wanted to give both sides time to submit briefs arguing their side... we had til April 2 to do that.. and we did... still no judgement from the court
as to anything.... today is April 26, and the discovery period ends
for both sides as of May 8... so even if the judge makes no ruling as of  May 8 we can't be served with discovery any way...

Bill says it's a good sign as usually discovery is granted...

So there's that, the other thing is that HOAs even phoney ones have annual meetings when certain things are supposed to happen by law.
1. Elections are supposed to happen
2 Financials are supposed to be presented to the home owners.

Neither thing happened at our annual meeting...
We had sent out a letter to the neighborhood before the meeting explaining the status of this HOA and our
situation in the hopes this neighborhood would wake up and demand answers from this maddening group of men who collect money, file suits and liens against neighbors and have no authority to do so...
and we wanted them to vote.. even if it is Phoney it is, for the time being accepted by the neighbors as authentic.

We started a facebook group, got folks to nominate themselves for the elections actually demanded a real election ( the first one since I've lived here) and I, to be sure there were enough other choices on the ballot nominated myself for board, and Jerry for the ACC, or construction committee...

On Wed. an anonymous letter was sent out , ( not to me) telling everyone to not vote for us as it would be a conflict of interest..( although Al Blair, president of the whole HOA, and my next door neighbor had no conflict of interest filing suit)... I think one pretty funny thing the letter said was that the same group of men hand not been on the board for the past 20 years.... one or two of them had taken a term off here and there.
(I don't think they can even recall themselves.. and no records are kept..) If I weren't being sued it might be funny.

Then as happens on social media, I pretty much got torn apart. It seemed like the fact this is an illegal organization, not the one named on our deeds was pretty much of no concern.... just the terrible infractions
we committed.... ( the word is persecute)

So I got off our own face book page! Ha!! Pretty funny right? But only a fool would stay where under those circumstances..

There was an election this last Saturday, and the results will be announced on Wed... it doesn't really matter what the out come is, it doesn't change anything for us really, we just wanted to help the neighborhood.

Oh well what can you do?

As always keep the faith and visualize reading a post about our victory!

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