Tuesday, May 5, 2015

 This weekend I'm heading to Boerne TX to:

 1. See my Mom ( it's been a pretty long time since I've spent time with her) and
2. participate in the Art Waddle.

It's basically an Art show along a downtown residental neighborhood... they call it the Art Waddle because most people waddle when they walk.... no, of course not! It's because the Cibolo Creek flows through town and the ducks and geese waddle around the area..

I think it will good exposure and maybe, just maybe I'll sell something!

 One thing I've done is to take some pieces that I had and kind
of spruce them up a bit...

 I added background color to some of my roosters... I like them better like this...

What do y'all think?
 I have some of the before and after pictures.. so you can see the difference.

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