Saturday, September 15, 2012

Living with House Construction

House with siding
If you have ever visited Novellas Farm you
probably noticed the condition of the house.
Let's just say it's a work in progress.

Here is is before
Well, last year we were notified by our insurance carrier that unless the house was sided by the end of this summer we would be dropped.

Although it is ridiculous
to think the siding is going to protect the dwelling from, say fire, it needed to be done.

Of course we waited til
a few weeks before the deadline to begin the project. But hey, we got it done...

We used corregated metal for a few reasons:
1. it doesn't need painting and I knew we would never, ever paint it.
2. the air space between the metal and the house acts
as extra insulation, the air there maintains the temperature better.
3. I like the look.

All my married life I have lived in a house under construction. Our last house was an old bungalow in Central Austin.  My husband renovated it and added a
second story.

I can't even begin to describe what it is like to live in a house under construction. Except for having a loved one diagnosed with an incurable disease, it has to be one of  the worst life experiences one can live through.

I have  wondered what I did in my past lives to carry such a Karmic debt. I must have been truly evil.

It all began so gently. One day my then new boyfriend said to me, "wait til you see what I did to the kitchen, youre going to be so excited!" I thought he had painted or something. No, he had ripped out my
cabinets... and it just grew from there. A friend of mine whose husband was also a carpenter were at a party once and she said "Kenny (her husband)would rip all this out" talking about our friends cabinets... I turned to her and knew I had found a sister.

Yet, I must say it has been a learning experience.
My kids and I know all the parts of a house, including the septic, thanks to this renovation! It  makes me really appreciate how far we have come.

Nothing feels better than drifting off to sleep in the house Jerry built.

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