Tuesday, September 17, 2013

School Days

Last week was the start of our little 10 week or so Farm "School".

We had a lot of fun... I guess it stands to reason that the kind of Moms and kids who would want to come out here would be very cool people.

While we aren't doing any real "school" type of learning, I do believe the kids are learning some real life, real useful sorts of things.. like where their food comes from and how much work it is to produce it.

We are working on getting our gardens going, and this week we are having rain to help us out!

The kids loved Bonnie, our Flemish Giant rabbit and her 2 new guinea pig friends.

We milked Mattie with the machine, and soon the kids will be milking Novella by hand each morning.

We sowed seeds in the garden beds, and started
some in flats to transplant.

We loved animals

Painted pictures

Spent time with Bonnie

And just got familiar with things.....
Made friends....

A great success
I will be posting more so you can follow our progress, wish you were here!

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