Saturday, March 22, 2014

Weird Egg

Last  fall we got new hens.

My husband decided the smart thing to do would be to rehome the old birds and start with young hens all of the same breed.
That way we will know which hens are the oldest, youngest etc.

So I started with new layer chicks last fall.
Now they have started laying eggs. When hens first start to lay eggs they seem to go through a period where the "kinks" get worked out.

Sometimes they will lay an egg without a shell or they just kind of lay them in the wrong place, like when they are sitting in a tree.

The other day I found the most unusual egg yet.
It was tiny.

 Initially I thought it was a large acorn. I don't know if you can tell how small it was from the photo.

Any way when I cracked it open there was a tiny yolk!

This is just a passing phase, soon they will be good to go and I'll be getting my needed dozen a day!

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