Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tired of School

Yesterday I received this text from my daughter.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, she was home schooled up until this year. Seems like forever she's been saying she wanted to go to high school.. So.. this year she went in as a freshman.

Academically she has done just fine.. I mean I really didn't know what to expect since quite honestly we were more the type to not worry about academics too very much..

As I say academically she is doing fine, good even... yet I received this message from her yesterday.

I asked her about it when she got home.. "I'm just so tired" tired of what? or just plain tired?... Both it seems...

Frankly I think most of our society is just plain tired... we try to do and be too much, too much of the time. Have a real career, a family, fix wholesome meals, keep the house up, and on and on....

I'm not sure what she will decide to do, go back to home schooling or keep on the path of the public school system. I'm being careful to just listen and not influence her, because really neither is perfect and there is not a right or wrong answer...

That said, I feel very fortunate to live in a location where we have the luxury of these basic choices...and I feel grateful to be able to offer both choices to my child, I hope she'll come to realize this dilemma she is facing is in itself part of her education..

Feeling gratitude for living in this great country full of personal freedoms.

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