Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Start of a New Season

I got this nice text last night.. 

Every once in a while I'll get a message on my phone from someone telling me they have a piece of my art and how much they love it. I've had photos sent showing me the pieces in their new home...

I can't begin to express how it makes me feel, it's mixture of amazement, joy, fear, but mainly I feel  honored to think something I created is actually in someones' home touching them daily..

This wonderful person, Michael, took the time to reach out to me and he made me feel so good! He saw my art  in Austin at Thai Fresh, where the remainder of my pieces will be on display until Monday morning when I come to pick them up and make room for the next show Jam has scheduled at the restaurant.

 My next show will be at the
 Dripping Springs Market Days, 
September 17th & 18th
This is a  new market I've started with Kathy Hill another artist who lives out here in Dripping Springs.
We have so many wonderful artists signed up!
Please come see us if you can, and give support to local artist!

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