Tuesday, February 7, 2017

My Store.

The obstacle anyone who makes things faces is what to do with the

You want to create, but at some point you really have to justify
the craft with mula..

Craft shows and art markets are the most common avenue, and I've done a few, as you know.. But it's incredibly exhausting.. you have to pack every thing up, drive to the location, unload everything, move the
stuff to your "space", sent up your tent,  attach weights, set up your display, and then arrange your merchandise, make sure every thing looks
appealing, is priced and then you wait..

You have to deal with weather, money, customers, tax... it's everything except the art!

Some times a show can be good, you feel like "wow" I did great.. but
it's always a lot of work... and honestly it's hard to figure how much time you spent making the art, and then of course you had to pay for the show, and your gas.. and you sat there for at least one or more days..

Then at the end of the show.... you get to do the whole thing in reverse.

Now don't get me wrong, I like shows, but most of them are anywhere from 50 to over a 100... which is a gamble..so I decided to take a gamble on putting my work at a little place called the Austin Gift Co.
It's a gift shop in south Austin, and I don't know really how I'm going to do, but I wanted to try it.

Each vendor rents a spot and then the store takes care of the other stuff, of course they get a cut, but it's very fair.. The down side is I think mainly tourist go there and they like the really TEXAS kind of stuff.. and I find I'm thinking of painting cowboy boots, and hats and such... and I really don't want to ...
But we do what we must!

I will have my "store" there for at least 6 months..  wish me well..

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