Sunday, February 5, 2012

Follow Your Heart

What to do next
Everything I do is pretty much a result of following my instincts or my heart. I married a man who in many ways could be considered a bad match, but my heart said yes. I have kept  my kids out of public school because first of all it was what my heart said to do, now it is what their hearts say to do.

And of course this farm. I just wanted to spend my time this way. I couldn't face the city any more, I couldn't keep on doing all the things I did when I lived there. I honestly felt depressed in the city. So we moved out where we would have a  little room, and I just started doing things that I felt moved to do. I never really considered that one thing would lead to another, it just happened that way. Like stepping stones leading down a hidden trail, and I am still hopping from stone to stone and not sure where the path leads.

So this weekend when I was walking around looking at all I want to do here, things that aren't getting done it hit me like a wall. Cancel the Spring Sessions. Wow, once I felt it, it was done.
I know in a way I will be letting others down, maybe there were some families who will be disappointed, some who will be a little angry. But I feel the need to work on this little old farm and that is what I am going to do.

I have seeds to sow and beds to get prepped.We have a calf coming, and I need to get read up again on how to help with the delivery if need be, I need to be able to be up all night to help and to milk a cow with too much milk. I have a greenhouse sitting here that needs to be put up, I have a grey water system in my head that is screaming to be made by the summer. I have so much inside begging to be born, things that have to be done.

Because foremost, before all else, Novellas Farm is a Farm.

We love to have children out here, and experience the joy of this life, but this year there will be only Farm Days and Morning Sessions offered, a few here and there. If you did want to attend the sessions, consider doing some of this on your own. I am no different from you, get a small engine, try to build a small cob structure, get some wood and try to build something small. Just do it. If your heart tells you to do this stuff,
then just do it, listen to your heart.
Mattie getting shots to help her get over mastitis


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  2. Well said Amy. The Cooper family is supportive of what's best for you, your family, and Novellas Farm. We certainly have enjoyed our time with you... you have inspired us in many ways, and we appreciate the great discussion we shared this past Friday. P.S. We've been researching cob houses and are absolutely fascinated. We will be building a mini cob house model with the kids in the near future! :)

    Rochelle, Greg, and the boys

    1. Thanks Rochelle,
      I will still be having small events out here in the spring.
      All I get done will be to make Novellas Farm that much better.
      Maybe some summer sessions will be offered.