Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Daughter

Juliette reading in a tree
Tomorrow is a special day around here.  Eleven years ago on the 26th of February in my home in Austin TX, 
I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Juliette.

Smelling the flowers
My last child, my only girl. I actually cried tears of joy when my mid wife said "it"s a girl". To this day I feel a 
twinge of guilt that I did not cry for joy when I was told, "it's a boy" two times earlier.

Now believe me when I say I love my boys with all my heart, I would give my life for them, and my God they are the funniest people I know. They are blessings with out measure..... but they aren't girls. 

And in my family there had been a curse... the worst kind.... one where all the girls had only boys and the boys, had only girls!!

So I hadn't even dared to entertain the idea that I could even have a girl child when lo and behold here she came!

From early on Juliette was sure of herself, confident and maybe a bit bossy.

And she understood me, in a way my boys  just

 I recall one day when my husband didn't give me the wanted compliment.I was upset that I was married to such an idiot. He had no idea what the problem was, then out of this babes mouth came " she's mad because you didn't tell her those pants look cute" 

OK, now you know why I cried tears of joy? Right....

The down side to this is the pain I feel when she is sad, because along with her understanding me, I understand her and when she gets her feelings hurt and cries it breaks my heart. I want her to have everything she wants, I want her to always be happy and to be loved.

But more than that I wish for her to reach her full potential, she is one smart cookie. She said "I don't think I want to President, I used to but, you get blamed for everything, and it seems like a pretty stressful job" 

I think she wants to be a large animal vet instead....... I told you she was smart.


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