Thursday, March 8, 2012

Children will be Children

Happy Boy!
A few weeks ago we had a group of kids visit Novellas from Austin.

They were all very nice ( as usual). But there was one  child who made an impression on me.

 A girl aged around 9 and her

The little girl, I'll call her Jane, had just started homeschooling. Really, I think we met on a Wed. and she had left traditional school the last Friday.

Her mom seemed really, really happy to be here, so did Jane. She was active, interested in trying everything, happy... you know?

The mom told her story, she was a former teacher (I always love the former teacher home schoolers)
and she had been forced to admit to herself that the system she was in, was not working.Not for her, her daughter, nor most of the students she taught. She was almost giddy, in wonderment about the freedom they
were experiencing.

The school system had wanted to medicate her daughter, take the child out of her..... keep her quiet, calm,
controlled.  And she had put her child on medication, for a while. But when she started to have problems getting her daughter to settle down for home work she went to the doctor for tips on behavior modification.
Instead she was offered a second, stronger medication.  The mom said no.

Image Detail
the inconvenience of childhood
There were a few times during the day when the mom tried to tell her daughter to be quiet, or settle down.  I assured her that the rules they were used to did not  apply here. There is no need for a child to come out to Novellas Farm and not act like a child.

I like kids, I like to see  kids run,
and have fun, I like to watch them make friends with each other.

But evidently our schools do not seem to...... like children. at least they do not seem to like children acting like children.

I received an email later, from Jane and her mom saying they had one of the best days ever out here

 Hearing something like that makes it all worth while.
Thanks I had a great day too

Check out this information from a school nurse chat board.

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