Sunday, March 18, 2012

Novellas New Calf

Scout , Novellas new bull calf
We had a very exciting week here at Novellas Farm!

On Tuesday we had a group of kids come out to
visit. Most of them were kids who go to school
but were out for Spring Break. I don't know why,
but for some reason I wanted to do some extra fun things with this group. Kind of like storing fun
for when they are in school, and  would have a reserve to draw on. So I had lots of things planned, making ice cream and  smores, you know just a lot of things I thought they wouldn't be doing at home. Little did I know.....

Anyway, after we milked Mattie, I let Sunny and Novella out to mingle with our guests. Usually Novella loves to hang out with people, but not on this day, both she and Sunny headed out away from all the kids. The kids tried to chase her, but I told them to be patient and she would come over when she was ready, so they left her alone.

When lunch rolled around and Novella still didn't come over ( she usually come and begs for left overs)
I began to wonder.... Novella's due date was the 16th, and this was the 13th.... maybe...well I went to check and sure enough she had had  her calf! A little bull  we named Scout.

The kids were excited, and after we had moved both baby and mom into a pen and given them fresh bedding and such, the kids came down in small groups to see the baby. One group saw Novella eat her after birth! 

When we have a new calf there is always lots of extra work to do, mainly extra milking. No baby could ever drink as much milk and colostrum as Novella produces. I have been milking her out each day along with all the regular chores.

 Periodically, Novellas loses the calf, she is a very low key mom. When she remembers him she moos til we all look for him and bring him back then she licks him and moos very softly to him, kind of like a whisper. It is very cool.
Sunny loves the new calf.

One really beautiful thing about these animals is how much they all seem to love him. and how gentle they are with him. It is such a an honor to get to know these animals like this, to be able to just observe how they treat each other. Cows are one of those animals we have forgotten,  we just use them. But really they are so much more, I am so glad kids are going to get to see this!

Happy Birthday Scout!!!

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