Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Fun Little Project for Spring

Seeds spr
This Friday will be the final week of the Little Farmers Session.

For the last 3 weeks, the same group of kids has been coming out each Friday. We have been milking the cows, making butter, putting up shade cloth in the garden, doing science and art and just having a good time.

One really cute thing we did was make these little
boxes for the kids to wear and watch the seeds inside as they  sprout

First you get a box of tic tacs, and empty it out. Soak the box in water to remove the label. Punch 2 holes
into the upper portion of the box so you can thread a cord through it. Then thread the cord through the holes...( you probably figured that out) take some wet cotton balls and put them in the box, and press a
few seeds against the side of the box with the cotton balls pressing against them.
Put the lid on the box ( you might not even need to put holes in the box, if you just place the cord ends
against the box when you put the lid on) and have your child wear this.

Kids can now watch the seeds sprout all the time, and take it with them where ever they go.
Try it!

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