Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Novellas Farm School for Girls

helping in the garden
So today I was talking with a friend about next year.

My daughter's next year to be precise. She has always been
schooled at home, but I feel like she needs more.

More friends, academics, routine.... you understand. She is becoming a young woman and she needs to be around other girls her own age.

I did what most of us would do, I began looking at alternative
options, because public school is my very last option for middle

The first place I looked  is a small ,private Christian School here in my town, and while it looks sweet, for some reason. I have reservations about sending her to a place that may instill guilt, I am not really looking for  strangers to determine who she is... just a school..... and friends.

A while back we put on a play with some kids around here, and she was asked point blank- " are you a Christian?". She asked me in the car what that mattered? ( She knows about other religions and we think of
it as a sort of food choice. No one wrong or right). So while I think it seems like a very wonderful place it
is probably not a place she would be fully comfortable with,.... so.

 I looked at a private school in Austin, just for girls.
It looked great, until I saw the tuition Yikes.... 1500.00 just to register! 10,000 a year!
I am sure it is wonderful but unless I want to live in my car it is not going to happen.

Novella and friend
 So.... I started thinking.. why not start a girls school
here! Just one or two days a week?
I mean heck! I already was instrumental in starting
two other schools in town, and I really, really need this for my daughter. Is there any greater motivation?

I look at these photos and I remember how much these older girls enjoyed the farm. Really they are just the right age. They can actually do things on their own. They can actually grasp the science of what is happening here.

So how does this sound? 'Novellas School for Girls' a place to learn gardening, farming, cheesemaking
art and academics too ( and it won't break the bank)

I am going to add it to the Calendar and if any one is interested or if you know of any one interested
please, please ask them to contact me.

A Girls Farm School.

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