Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jasmines Injury

Jasmine relaxing
If you have come out here to Novellas Farm   I feel certain you met Jasmine. Our dear little

Yesterday we had a terrible accident. Jasmine jumped out of my son's arms and fell the wrong way, she cried and well.... long story short she appeared paralyzed from the waist down.

 I had a dachsund years ago in a former life. His name was Pork Chop,( that probably tells you a bit about him.)
His very favorite part of the day was dinner preparation time. He would sit right beside my legs watching
me with that expectant expression that only dachsunds possess, waiting for bits of food to fall to the ground.
Maaggie and Jasmine
 I still remember his favorite streets in my old neighborhood to walk down and chase cats.
Oh my goodness how I loved that little dog! Even now when remember  him I feel a stab of pain. Because of Pork Chop I became a fan of these loving little sausages, I will always have one as a companion.

Pork Chop was given to me by my sister, he was a found dog and I never knew his past story... but he
must have had some injuries because eventually he lost the use of his hind legs and after many difficult weeks of trying to deal with it, I eventually put
him to sleep.

Any one who has loved a pet,  will know of the pain I write about. It is no less powerful than the loss of any loved one. I admit it, I cried for months afterwards and even now I recall the pain with clarity.

So when Jasmine fell, I was terrified, and the kids know about Pork Chop so they too were expecting the worst. I called the vet, ( we use Sunset Canyon, and I must say they are wonderful!) and he was there
(lucky in the most unfortunate way) he said come in..... I had already told him I expected she would need to be put down.

We drove to the vets in silence, Tommy, Juliette and I  expecting to bring Jasmine home to bury.

The vet checked her out and discovered she still had feeling in her legs! We were given a severe talking to
and told to kennel her for a month along with a supply of steroids.

I know it is hard on the dog, but we are so happy, at least there is a chance!

So when you come out here, be sure to ask to see Jasmine and give her a pep talk. Tell her what a good dog
she is.....
and please, tell your own pets how much you love them, tell your kids and your whole family.
Man and beast alike. You just never know what may happen.

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