Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Slow Farm Morning

Visitor getting ready to try milking, I'll hold that tail
 We just finished up our second week of Farm Mornings. We have had a morning all about the bees where we looked in the hive, made candles and learned all about their social structure... and just this week we learned about the cows, milked and made ice cream.

Next week we will learning about the worms, so don't forget your jars! we'll be learning about the chickens and turkeys.

Spoiling Scout
I like these Farm Mornings, they are relaxed....

Sometimes we can just try to fit in too much and we miss a lot by trying to do everything!

Today after I milked Novella, instead of just letting her out and putting Mattie in for her milking I stopped and really talked to Novella. I told her how pretty she is and gave her a nice long rub down. She looked at me with those big eyes and
seemed to say " I missed you...".

When I first got Novella I spent tons of time with her. I had to, there was so much to learn, and I really had to get her used to me. I would drink coffee outside with her, brush her, bathe her....

Novellas turn
Then we both got busy, maybe too busy.

I started having Farm Days where I wanted to show kids everything in one day... and sometimes I  feel like it is too much for one day.

I found myself apologizing last week because the milking was taking so long, I was afraid the visitors were getting bored, but the mom  said, "that's why we are here, to experience what it is really like".

And honestly most of the time it is quiet and slow.... but actually very nice..... and real.

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