Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Duck Weather!

walking.. waddling to the creek
Well, ....it's raining again.

I know we need the rain... but honestly I am kind of getting tired of it! And really it is OK to talk this way ....because I don't really believe I can control the weather so it is OK to say it. This rain is getting to be a drag.

almost there!
The poor cows are living in mud... the chicken coop stinks. The rabbits are soggy,  the garden is actually wilting from too much water... but the ducks are in heaven!

They have been having a wonderful time waddling around foraging, dashing here and there. They love the puddles, the rain falling and all the soggy food.

Did you know we have a creek here? Well we do.
Of course it is one of those they refer to as a wet weather creek ( a real estate term) but this does qualify as wet weather... so we have a creek.
at last
Any way the ducks are thrilled about this new development.

And you know what? I have decided to enjoy the rain too.  No worrying about the mud, the mess.... the fact I had to cancel some visitors.

I will try to be  like the ducks (not too much like them)  I will look for some thing wonderful in the rainy weather... green plants, cool weather, great napping weather..... I think I will read a book! I have nothing else I can do!

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