Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Get out there and vote, Doggonnit!
Today is election day.

I don't know about you but my guy never made it past the debates.

I personally feel the whole system is outdated.
I mean why don't we let the whole bunch of them run in the general election and let the winner be president, and the runner up be vice president?

That way at least most of the voting public would be represented. I just don't get it. Myself I usually vote for the candidate who scares me the least, or I should say against the candidate who scares me the most!

Right now I am doing a course called You Decide, which focuses on the Bill of Rights and court cases that
have gone to the Supreme Court involving the Bill of Rights. Both of my sons are discussing court cases with me..... It seems to me that people used to understand their rights and would stand up for them. Now we just
roll over and shrug it off.

Wake up People, it's like exercise. It's a whole lot easier to stay in shape than to get fat and then try to get in shape.  Be aware of your rights, don't just let them be taken away from you. We can't just assume our elected officials are doing what they say. It is hard to believe but they live in a different universe from most of us, they really don't have a clue.

 Vote not only today, but every day with our actions.

The way we treat our selves, and others... our purchases, our thoughts our general attitude. Let's not be
divided, let's not fall for the tactic they play on us, to split us according to income or race.Just because some one makes a certain amount of money or has a certain color skin they are not to be assumed to be better or worse. This kind of thinking is saying that others are not as good. Everyone is the same, no better or worse.

Unfortunately our elected officials get to make the rules for the rest of us and even though they call it being a
"public servant" it must be a pretty good gig cause no one gives it up willingly.

Most of us are not living in their universe. We, most of us want, clean food and water for every one of us, we want to be able to assume if a product is labeled and sold as food it won't make us sick. We want the right to decide and to be able to purchase what we want to eat. We want to decide how to raise our kids, they are after all our kids.

We want to be able to trust our elected officials....
Follow your heart, pray and cast your ballot. Then turn to the next person in line and smile, because really and truly  the future is up to us.

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