Sunday, November 11, 2012

Today was a sad day around here.

Scout left.

A few weeks ago my husband said he was going to make arrangements to have Scout processed.

I was upset but told him I was going to leave it up to him.

Then a few days ago he said, "pretty soon I am taking Scout to be processed." And he was quiet.

"If you can find him a home, I will go along with that, even if you don't get much for him, I am not looking forward to doing this".

Knowing the odds were not good to find a steer a home that does not involve a freezer, I at least thought I should try.

So I posted an ad on Craigslist, it said something like this.. "For sale, steered miniature jersey,
would make a good, unusual pet, sweet nature."

Yesterday I got a response, saying.
"We will take Scout and give him a home for the rest of his life here at our farm."

I hoped they would have other cows for him, but they said no, they have horses, alpacas and other animals, so he will not be lonely.

It was a hard call, he really needs other cows, but what are the odds of someone else offering to give him a good home and not have him as Bar B Q?

Ok I said, come get him.
They did.

A wonderful little family... we are going to miss him so much.

I cried last night, today and right now.
I am doing all I can for Novella, she is sad.

When they came to pick Scout up I mentioned maybe they would like a cow in milk, since they have a few kids. I am supposed to call them when we have our new calves.. I hope I can convince them to take one of the girls later to be with Scout.

I really, really love these animals, and I absolutely
hate this part of the business. I hope one day I have 50 acres and I can keep mothers and babies together for as long as I think is right.
Right now I just can't.

I keep thinking of this poem that starts with
"God bless the beast and the little children,
 for in this world they have no voice.
 In this world they have no choice."

We have to watch out for them both.

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