Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Singing in Wimberley
   Tonight my husband is gone. He's usually gone
a few nights a week. He has this dream which requires him to go out and play music as much as he possibly can.

One day soon he is going to be supporting us with his music... that is his dream, and really the more I think about it the more it seems like, why not?
(Please have a listen to some of his music)

I think there are a lot of people who share this dream. The success of SXSW is a testament to the validity of this statement.

I had this crazy dream the other night where I actually got a gig.  Now in real life I have to admit I do not know one whole song in it's entirety. So in this dream as  the time came for me to go and perform I asked my hubby to come with me, and he said no, (you know how dreams work!). I realized in this dream how distressing a performance could be.. how much preparation and work goes into what he does. The only song I know even mostly all the way through is "The Rainbow Connection" and this is only because of my daughter being in the Austin Childrens Choir.

She, is her fathers child in many ways. She wants to be in the lime light. To be a famous singer... but for now she is with the group. Still though these kids work really hard. They are always learning new songs, memorizing words, learning how to read music.. (how many of you know what "coda" means) 

The Childrens Choir
So, I ask you dear reader to consider this the  next time you see yet another singer/song writer, musician.

 Austin, being the "live music capital" is full of aspiring singers, I ask you to consider the effort these people put into their craft. 
Ask yourself, "could I do that?"  Give them a kind word, tell them how great they sound, be amazed at what the human spirit can do. What a human can do with a piece of wood, strings and their voice.

Really, it is quite amazing.  

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