Saturday, March 23, 2013

Maddie, outside the kitchen window
You are looking at my view as I am doing dishes.

A few short years ago, my view from my kitchen
sink was of the side of my neighbors house. Brown hardiplank I stood and looked at that house for  hours, days, years... as washed those dishes.

The view from my front door was of apartments.
Not a complex, but still ...2 story units, with a parking lot.

looking from my bedroom window
I used to sit on my porch swing and look at those apartments.  I would wonder what it  would be like to look out at just trees, no buildings...

I don't know if I realized at the time how those views were affecting me. Not just me, but my whole family.
In my opinion people need space, and a peaceful surrounding.

I was talking with a woman today who was telling me how much she missed Austin. I understand, there is
a lot I miss about not living in town, the convenience, the restaurants the cool people.

When I start to wonder if I made the right choice, all I have to do is look at my view.

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