Thursday, June 13, 2013

Losing a Tail

What the heck is that?
 So the other day my husband came in holding a white piece of fluff.

"Do you want to save this?" he asked,
I turned and looked at it, "No...what is it?"
 "Lana's tail"

I first of all accused him of doing something cruel  to the calf....obviously pulling her tail really hard.

I freaked out, cows are not supposed to lose their tails, and there was even a bit of bone in it!


I expected to go out and find other parts of her falling off.
I expected her to be at least concerned about this terrible thing that had happened to her.

When I ran out to see how the poor girl was, I found her jumping around and playing, there was a bit of blood... and most importantly there was still a tail!

This whole bizarre event led me to do a bit of research and it isn't all that unusual for cows to pull their tails off! One story I read was about a woman
who tied her cows tail while she milked her because the cow kept swatting her in the face.
Still a good tail
When the milking was over the cow just walked out of the stanchion and left her tail still tied to the post!
The cow was nonplussed the woman was understandably upset.

As far as Lana goes, I guess she just had "extra" tail.
Thankfully nothing else has fallen off... and by the way Jasmine snagged the fluffy treat.

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