Friday, June 14, 2013

Tomorrow my worms and I are going out on the town!
We have been invited to the Great Outdoors Nursery

Together we will be promoting vermicomposting, and Novellas Farms Worm Casting Tea Bags.

A few weeks ago 

I took some worm casting tea bags to 3 Austin Stores.
The Great Outdoors Nursery, It's About Thyme Nursery and Wheatsville Coop.

The two nurseries agreed to give them a try, Wheatsville
told me they did not have a garden area at this time, but in the Spring they are interested for the new store!

I am happy,  but the Great Outdoors said none had sold!
I feel sure it is because people are unfamiliar with how to use castings.

So..... I asked to come in and  tell people about how to use the castings. Turns out tomorrow the City is giving a talk about composting at the nursery so they thought
my worms would fit right in.

Very excited here, although I have no expectations...
Expectations can be a problem for me...but optimistically I am taking lots of bags to sell.

I figure at the very least more people will hear about Novellas which can only be a good thing, yes?

If you are in the area come by and say hello, I, and around 2,000 worms would love to see you!

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