Thursday, October 10, 2013

Shane setting up the machine
Tuesday the girls got pedicures.

I am ashamed to admit it had been almost 2 years since they had gotten a full blown trim on their hooves.

.Ungulates ( hooved animals) hooves are constantly growing and as their hooves grow longer it becomes uncomfortable for them to walk and stand.

I mentioned in an earlier post about the cow hoof trimming being
a little stressful for the animal, because of the fact they have to be lifted in order to do the job.

Back in May I actually gave Mattie a little trim in the stanchion rather than stress her during her pregnancy.

 My attempt was good and it made her more comfortable but all the girls needed a really good trim. I decided to have them all done before they are bred again...

Mattie in the stall...
Besides that, I really wanted the children who are coming out here each week to witness it, so I set it up for Tuesday when they were here.

Normally my husband would need to load the cows up in the trailer and haul them to Stonewall, to a guy by the name of Shane.

He raises Club Calves and offers among other things this service of hoof trimming for cows.

So on around 10:30 Tuesday morning he arrived and set up his machine.

A surprised Novella

Then one by one the animals were walked in and strapped in safely..

Once the cow was safely belted in, the machine lifted her up and held her comfortably although
unnaturally horizontal.

Shane grinding Sunny's  hooves.

Then Shane began his task.

He used a grinder and made quick work of the

I have to take a few photos of all their feet. I was kept pretty busy taking animals back and forth,
with children so I got photos from someone else.

It was a good day, and something the kids will always remember

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