Sunday, November 10, 2013

It's been quite a while since I posted anything on this site.

Here's what happened, it's an old story actually... remember awhile back when I mentioned my POA?  and the unfortunate fact that the
president owns the house next door?

Yeah, well I was served a letter a few weeks back, from a lawyer!
I am in violation for having a "Farm School" out here, and there are other things that I will not mention.

The thing is... we have gotten to be friends out here on Tuesday mornings and we have decided to just keep meeting on Tuesday mornings as friends, they are helping me out and learning at the same time. It is a Farm Co-op.

I hope this works for the POA,  I don't believe I read anything about
not having friends out to ones house mentioned in the POA bylaws.
No worries on my end, if I am mistaken I am sure I will be notified.

I gotta say it though.....
It's ridiculous, a
bunch of grown men getting their "panties in a wad" over a few  kids and moms coming out to learn about basic skills that unfortunately we don't teach any more. I can't help but wonder what a judge might
think if they do end up taking me to court...

One reason I didn't post anything for so long was because I was angry. I had to get over that emotion first... and I am over it.

I've been practicing being aware of my own influence on situations...
being angry and resentful only hurts the person walking around mad, of course the people around you suffer too, but no good comes from it.

I have been working on using the momentum of emotion and thoughts
to attract the situations I desire.

I am looking at property, and I know there is something out there perfect for Novellas, and large enough to actually turn Novellas into a real dairy, you know like I mentioned before, a place where the animals are treated with love.

Maybe... the universe is getting impatient with me and is giving me a kick in the pants!

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