Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cold Weather Prep

 Every Wednesday I go into Austin.

 It's a heck of a day.
I get up early, 5:45, milk a cow, feed animals  and  get ready.
We have to leave by 7 in order to  make it in for 8:00 classes.

Luckily for me I listened to the weather report on the way in and heard about the cold weather coming.
It gets hard to believe it will turn cold when it's in the 80s.

As of now, my milking area was open which has been very pleasant when the weather is nice... but we've had a couple of cold mornings already and on those mornings I want to say it has been kind of a drag."Wicked" cold as they say .

So when I heard about the Arctic Blast coming I phoned my man.

I asked Jerry  to do something to make my  milking station a little more bearable during this
cold snap.

He got home late, and I really just wanted to forget the whole thing, as you can see it was still warm, t shirt weather and  as I already stated  I still did not believe it would get cold..... but he insisted.

He unloaded the plywood,

screwed it onto the frame....

and presto... I have walls!

He got me a heater too!  Tomorrow morning milking will be much more pleasant with
out the north wind howling on me..

Some men bring their wives flowers... some bring plywood..
Thanks sweetie, I appreciate it.

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