Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Here it is another year.
Seems like just a few weeks ago I got used to writing 2013 on my checks and now  I have to start all over with 2014!

  It's just another day, but for some reason it feels like a clean slate. Like the first day of school, you know,... before you got behind on all your assignments and you still had an A in every single subject. That magical wonderful time of possibilities.

Most people set resolutions for themselves, promises to be the kind of person they wish they could be.
Then sadly, many break  those promises to themselves and become discouraged. They give up, they
don't even try.

I have done this very thing myself. Set goals for myself, and then when I don't reach them in the way I hoped,  I  felt so disgusted  I  told myself "why try?"

 It's not the slip up, the eating of the chocolate cake or what ever... . it's that we listen to that inner voice.

My resolution this year is to not listen... to be kinder to myself and to everyone else around me.
There is no shame in making mistakes or even failing... the shame is to believe that our mistakes define us, that our mistakes are us....

Those mistakes are life, and this is our journey.

Hoping for a rich, wonderful 2014, for us all.

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