Sunday, January 12, 2014

Today I had a scare...

You see I am selling Novella and Lana.
I don't really want to, in fact you could say I don't want to, but the fact is sometimes one has to do things they don't want to do.

I have had to face the fact that this property is just too small for all these girls.

I have been looking for a larger place, and hopefully with an ag exemption. In fact there is a place I think may work, but of course the details... still I keep dreaming.

Any way, so I posted Novella and Lana for sale together as a pair. I had a few responses and one woman came out today.. with her trailer. She was very sweet. I showed her around and when we went to look at Novella and Lana she says, "I really was hoping to only take one of them..." I didn't say anything.

We talked some more, and I explained that she really needed at least 2 so when it is time to breed the cow you can tell when they are in heat.... she said she planned to put her with her meat cows to determine when to breed.  As we talked more I began to realize that Novella would be the only cow, in a yard on a lot smaller than mine.

Long story short I told her no.
I have called off sales before. When I determine that the buyer is not ready in some way, maybe the wrong place, wrong situation... you know what I mean?

Lucky my husband supports me in this, he says to find her a good home, with her baby. When I know it is the right place then sell her.

So for now we are all together... maybe there will be a miracle and I will find a bigger place and everything will fall into place and we will stay together.

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