Tuesday, April 1, 2014

 This past weekend was nice.

My daughter and I met up with my Mom and my sister in Fredericksburg.

The weather was perfect.
First we went to look at a house my sister bought and is restoring, well she isn't doing the actual work, but...

then we went out for lunch to a nice little place called "Silver Creek" my husband was playing music there so we wanted to see him. He's getting really good! I mean I actually have to say he is a real musician... his carpentry is no longer "what he does".
Know what I mean?
 After lunch we walked by the Nimitz Museum, and my mom, in her usual off handed way said, " oh there's where the man who hanged your grandmother's grandfather was shot"
My grandmothers mother's father lived outside of Fredericksburg, they were German (duh) and he was a union sympathizer. One day a group of confederates rounded up the union sympathizers and hung them, he was hung in front of his family.

After the war the men involved in the hangings were tried and found guilty, but this one man ran and was  found and shot at the Nimitz Museum, which at the time was a hotel.

What sad time in our history.

Oh well back to the day....

 I took my mom home and worked a little bit with her in her yard.
She's 84!  I had brought some of my lovely composted cow manure... which by the way I sell...

anyway, I spread it on her grass where it was looking a little sad.....

Finally my mom, my daughter and I took a walk and we came upon these three little ducks. My daughter picked them up and they decided they loved her.
They started following us and we weren't quite sure what to do about it,  I mean, they were following us home!

Fortunately a boy and his mom walked up and the boy started fooling with the ducks...we seized the opportunity to flee.

We got safely home, duck free!

A really nice day.

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