Saturday, August 30, 2014

Land Hunt

I think I may have mentioned a time or two before
about my hope to find more property.

My dream property has:
at least 15 acres
ag exempt
has a house that is finished and nice
has water ...and I probably don't need to mention this but... NO HOA!!!!

So when I heard from a woman who contacted me
looking for colostrum for her sick son we got to talking...

I told her about my situation.. and she mentioned
a friend of hers who had a dairy that she wanted to sell.

I called the woman and she let me come out to look around.

You know how something can sound really great on the phone or in an ad? Well this place sounded really, really perfect ... so off I went.

Yes, it has a dairy building which is built to code, but was never registered as legal... and things are a little.. well ... unmaintained.

There was equipment that looked as though it hadn't been used in years, and the milk handling room almost made me want to cry, there was so much work needed just to bring it to proper sanitation standards.

On the up side there are 22 ag exempt acres with an additional 100 acres that neighbors actually want her to graze on for them to keep their ag exemptions.

There's 2 houses and they're in pretty good shape...

I guess the thing mainly for us ( besides the money)
is the sheer load of work involved in this enterprise.

I feel certain that a micro, humane dairy would do really well in Blanco ( which is where this place is located) I mean it's right between San Antonio and Austin and I think there's a great interest in artisinal
Of course the real elephant in the room is the law suit we're involved in with our HOA.

I can't even express how I feel about the people on the board of this organization, when Al Blair our neighbor and the board president comes out to his place ... I literally feel a low grade
disgust towards both him and his wife...
You see we can't really do anything while this suit is ongoing. And of course their lawyer is being really difficult, probably to milk the HOA funds, I imagine when the account is dry he'll move on and then of course their lawyer from their insurance company will take over... it's so wrong.. all this is basically because of kids milking cows over here and me actually being compensated... unbelievable.

I guess after the law suit is settled one way or the other we'll be moving on, I just can't live next to some one who obviously hates us.... I mean I guess we could but I don't want to, I want to like my neighbor!

I guess if any one is interested in starting a dairy, give me a shout...
I know a place available for a steal..

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