Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Passage of Time

Last time my mom  was here my son came in and gave his grand mother a hug, and I had to laugh...

" I said I have to take a picture of you two..."  my  son is over 6'3" and my mom has now shrunk to 4'9"..
they make quite a pair..

There's something about this photo that kind of makes me want to cry. I realize how quickly time is passing..
this summer for example has just flown by!

Remember that song " Time in a Bottle" or something like that... that's how I feel. My life is speeding by, and
I've been thinking how glad I am for keeping my kids home with me even they drove me crazy.

Sorry about the emotion of this post.. it's probably just my old age showing..

Any way everything is making me realize how precious time is and how each moment is like a valuable thing that we just don't understand until a certain percentage of it is gone. .. the most valuable thing you can imagine..

One day my mother will be gone and my kids will move out... and I suppose I'll shrink just like my mom has...

So guess who's going to see her mom tomorrow? Me!!
Do something wonderful for yourself, for someone you love and really focus on the time, try not to get distracted by all has to be done...

As the late great Robin Williams said in Dead Poets Society,  Carpe Diem! Do it now!

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