Monday, October 13, 2014

New Art Work

Cow on pine, purple water color
Remember when I posted about the pictures I was drawing on wood remnants?

I asked if any of you readers had ideas for methods I could use on wood, and someone.. I'm  ashamed to admit I don't remember who, suggested I
try wood burning and paint..

It works really well!

Wanted to share some of the pieces I've completed.

bison facing the storm, poplar, pencil
I have many more and I've learned how to make replicas so I can make the same (pretty much)
image with different colors to make a set.

Any way.... take a look.
I opened an etsy store, but haven't loaded much yet..
Novellasfarm... surprise.

Guess my favorite subject? 
cow on pine, sage green water color

Cow jumping over the moon, pine water color

Cow on poplar, yellow water color

St Frances of Assisi, pine, acrylic paint

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